Hotel Review: Rome Cavalieri, Rome, Italy

Hotel Review: Rome Cavalieri, Rome, Italy

A hop, skip and a jump outside Rome's centre, with unparalleled views over the city, the Rome Cavalieri is where in-the-know holidaymakers looking for something grand and luxurious ensconce themselves on their city stopovers.

Rome Cavalieri's Imprerial room. (c) 2011 Waldorf Astoria

The USP: Unashamed five-star luxury, with all the trimmings. Michelin stars? Three of 'em. Fabulous spa. Why, of course! Manicured lawns? Absolutely, stalked as they are with more than their fair share of bronzed lions.

Book it now if: You want all the glamour of a luxury city break, but a little peace and quiet in-between sightseeing. The Rome Cavalieri looks over the city, rather than being situated in the centre of it, so at the end of a hard day's pounding the pavements, jump on the free, 15-minute shuttle bus, head back to the hotel and enjoy a dip in the pool before dinner.

(c) 2011 Waldorf Astoria

Bedding down: Regular rooms are either 'Deluxe', which feature huge beds, individual terraces, state-of-the-art TVs and Crabtree & Evelyn goodies in the bathrooms, or 'Imperial', with all the above, plus a few nice extras like dedicated check-in and free access to a drinks and snacks lounge, plus the spa and fitness areas. There is also a range of impressive sounding suites, although our lack of black Amex means we're unlikely to see the inside of any of these in this lifetime.

Feed me: Widely acknowledged as Rome, if not Italy's best restaurant, the top-floor La Pergola restaurant, with its three Michelin stars, is a destination in its own right. Like the suites on the floor below it, however, we're still saving up for that treat. In the meantime, there's also the poolside eatery, L'Uliveto, or take a five-minute walk down the road and you'll also discover the cheap and cheerful, but brilliant, family run Vespri Siciliani (Piazzale delle Medaglie d'Oro 22).

Easily bored: You're in Rome and you're bored? Sorry, not sure we can help you.

L'Uliveto restaurant. (c) 2011 Waldorf Astoria

What's the damage:Bed and breakfast rates range from £260 to £745.

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