Jessie J Does 'Sexy Sergeant' For T4 Stars Of 2011

Jessie J Does 'Sexy Sergeant' For T4 Stars Of 2011

Jessie J was one of the many popstrels to hit Earls Court yesterday, and perform during the annual T4 Stars of 2011 concert.

And she did so in, erm, debatable style.

Too far, or just a bit of fun? Jessie J arriving at T4 Stars of 2011 yesterday. Photo: Getty

Jessie's stage ensemble consisted of some high-waist hotpants and a cropped t-shirt, teamed with suspenders, stockings and workman boots - and a bespoke 'J' peaked hat. Like some kind of policewoman stripper. (The scowl really sets it off a treat, don'tcha think?)

You'll notice we've referred to her 'sexy sergeant' look in inverted commas in the headline. This is because a) we're not entirely sure there's anything remotely 'sexy' about this look, and b) we'd hate anyone to think we're encouraging this kind of behaviour. In any way.

We're sure all her young teen fans are looking at her adoringly and asking Santa for some suspenders with their Christmas stockings this year.

But enough about what we think, what do YOU make of Jessie's getup?

Still, at least she wasn't wearing a catsuit...

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