Katie Price Flashes Her Abs. Hasn't She Got Anything Else To Promote?

Somebody's Been Working Out

With so much in common you'd think Katie Price and Jodie Marsh would be BFFs by now.

They've both got the fake hair, the fake nails, the fake tan, the fake boobs and enough revealing outfits to keep them both in a a year's worth of Z-list parties.

But despite this - they both still hate each other's guts. Only a few weeks ago Jodie told the Daily Star that Katie would 'sell her own grandmother to a magazine if she could'.

But maybe the tide is finally turning, because where once Katie led and Jodie copied, it looks like the Pricey is taking a leaf or two out of Jodie's book these days, if these snaps of her at the gym are anything to go by. Well, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Katie's muscles aren't quite at the same stage as Jodie's (who, let's face it, looks like a Curly Wurly) but we're still seriously impressed with her washboard stomach. This woman has had THREE kids after all.

And if you think that guy in the pics looks familiar (you know, the one who looks like he's about to punch her), well done you. Helping Katie achieve her toned physique is a certain Mark Smith. That'll be Rhino from Gladiators to you and me.

Let's hope Katie sticks at it eh? I can't be the only one who'd love to see her and Jodie competing in the same body-building competitions.


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