Kerry Katona Calls Police Over Female Stalker

Terrified In Her Own Home

Kerry Katona has resorted to getting the police involved over the unwanted attentions of a female stalker.

Kerry and her manager Max Clifford decided to contact police after the woman, an American woman named Stella, told her agent that she had been watching Kerry get changed at her home.

Kerry told The Mirror newspaper: "'I was getting dressed and there was a phone call to Max's company from this lady saying she'd been watching me getting changed.

"So I panicked and called the police. But this woman has been annoying us all for weeks now. At the end of the day I've got four kids, live in a big house and have to take this sort of thing seriously."

And Clifford told MailOnline that the woman had been calling his office constantly.

He said: "She's just a very sad lady. She's been phoning my office for about two months now, sometimes 20 times a day.

"She's a lesbian who claims that she and Kerry are destined to be together, she wants to meet her, she thinks she can help her.

"Sometimes she calls and just plays Atomic Kitten down the phone or gets her mother to call us pretending to be her agent.

"We won't put her through to Kerry, obviously, but if she is watching her, then you get a bit worried about people like this. We have told the police, they are aware of her."

Kerry has been stalked by a woman before, when somebody she had befriended on Facebook kept turning up at the house she used to share with former hubby Mark Croft.

Kerry has also recently found love in the arms of artist Steve Alce, who she met at a charity dinner.

The star looks to have put her disastrous relationships behind her, as she says she's fallen head-over-heels with her new bloke after a string of dates.

"I'm in love with him. I really, really like him. He is lovely... kind and caring," she told The Mirror.

"Steve is so unlike other men I have been with and I can honestly say I have never felt this strongly about anyone before.

"He is not with me because of my fame and wants to stay out of the limelight."

Let's see how long that lasts.


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