12/12/2011 06:16 GMT | Updated 12/12/2011 06:19 GMT

Australian Surfer Survives Shark Attack, Surfboard Not So Lucky (Video)

Meet Stephen King and his surfboard. No, it's not that Stephen King - he's not that hot at surfing, it turns out - but the Australian Stephen King, a 51-year-old surfer from Yamba, New South Wales.

Calling himself "the luckiest guy on two legs at the moment", King was surfing early on Sunday when suddenly he was attacked by a shark.

Fortunately, King got away with a small puncture wound on his leg, but his board fared far worse, with the whaler shark taking a healthy bite out of the top of it.

"Just as I was taking off, jumping up, there was this bang from the side and I was cartwheeling through the air and it was just thrashing beside me," King said to Australia's Channel Nine News. "We've got to be realistic. This is their territory and we're just the visitors."

It's just this kind of close call that reminds you how it's not all fun and games out in the water - no matter how much we watch parodies like Must Love Jaws and Jaws As A Disney Movie...