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Top Ten iPhone Apps Of 2011

Angry Birds, Fruit Ninjas And Where's Wally - Top Ten iPhone Apps Of 2011
Top Ten iPhone Apps 2011
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Well, aren't iPhone users a sweet and playful bunch? The top UK apps for 2011 have just been released, and the top ten paid apps are predominantly games.

Angry Birds, the game that's just turned two, took out three spots. Angry Birds, the original version, took out top spot, Angry Birds seasons came in third and Angry Birds Rio came in sixth.

Two extremely useful apps, WhatsApp Messenger and TuneIn Radio Pro were also in the top ten, at second place and ninth place respectively.

WhatsApp delivers free messaging - texting without the fees, no matter where in the world you are. TuneIn Radio turns your iPhone into a good old fashioned wireless for listening to The Archers on your commute.

Other games in the top ten include Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, Doole Jump, Tiny Wings and Where's Wally.

Beyond the top ten, Hipstamatic placed at 27th most popular, Scrabble at 18th and the innovative Sleep Cycle alarm clock at 24th.

Sleep Cycle is amongst a raft of new health apps that improve your health, rather than distract you on your commute.

Instagram, the photo community with 14 million members did not place in the top 30 iPhone apps of 2011, paid or free, in the UK. Nevertheless we've chosen our favourite Instagram photos taken with the iPhone app.


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