13/12/2011 05:23 GMT | Updated 13/12/2011 07:37 GMT

Top Ten Most Wanted Christmas Gadgets

The three wise men may have schlepped gold, frankincense and myrrh to the first Christmas. But if you're a canny gift giver, you want to pay heed to this list of top ten most wanted Christmas gadgets.

Make no mistake, no-one here has mentioned they want socks, huge floral underpants, skin-desicating soap or your cast off engagement presents as a gift this Christmas.

Top gadgets that people actually want are all about play, socialising and reading.

The number one spot goes out to that most popular of tablets, the iPad2, and bringing up the tail is the gamer's phone of choice, the Playstation phone.

The list was compiled by Meltwater Buzz, who monitored social media to see which gadgets are most talked about at the moment.

The social media monitoring platform analysed online conversations across all social media, looking specifically for mentions of gadgets and Christmas.

They determined the iPad2 as clear winner as the top of the Christmas gadget wishlist after it generated over 400,000 mentions over the past two weeks.

There's a few surprises in the middle of this list. Are these the gadgets you fancy under your tree? Have they missed any gadgets that you're desperate for?