WATCH: Katy Perry Impersonates Pippa Middleton

WATCH: Katy Perry Impersonates Pippa Middleton

Faux Queen and faux Philip inspect faux P Middy's rear. Image: NBC

Today we've already seen Amy Childs doing her best Kate Middleton impression, now we've got Katy Perry as sister Pippa Middleton thanks to a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Obvs there's a fair amount of bad language so probably best not to watch on full volume in the middle of the office...

What do you reckon to Katy's royal-in-law impression? We think she's actually very pretty in her Pippa outfit but we're finding the whole sketch a bit cringe - especially the English accents - and Fred Armisen's version of the Queen is more than a little Harry Enfield and Chums.

Let us know your verdict in the comments below.