13/12/2011 07:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Gives Birth In Shop Doorway!

Mum gives birth in shop doorway

This year we've reported on the mum who gave birth after taking her driving test, the couple who welcomed a son at a bus stop, and the mum who named her baby Ethan Clark after giving birth in a branch of Clarks.

But new mum Sarah Plews is another hot contender for birth story of the year, after she gave birth in a shop doorway, after midwives told her to go out for lunch!

Sarah, 35, from Bristol, arrived at St Michael's Hospital after having contractions. She was assessed and told to go and get some lunch and relax, despite being eight days overdue with her second daughter.

She reached a café up the road from the hospital, but realised her baby wasn't going to wait a moment longer, and as she made her way back to the hospital, alongside her husband, Dave, Sarah gave birth in a shop doorway.

"I felt the baby coming and me and my husband tried to make it back to the hospital, but we didn't quite make it," Sarah told the Evening Post.

"On the way back the baby was coming out. My husband sat me in a doorway and that's where I gave birth."

Dave rushed into the hospital to get help, and midwives raced out to help, and Sarah and new arrival, Ivy were taken into hospital to recover in a wheelchair.

"I did sort of say 'Told you so' to the midwives. But I found it all quite funny and not at all horrifying," says Sarah.

"The midwives were fantastic and I won't pass any blame on them at all."

Ivy weighed in at 6lb, 13oz, and was taken home the later the same day, ready to meet big sister, Mable, two.

Congratulations Sarah, Dave and Mabel!
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