15/12/2011 17:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Wouldn't Have Happened On Wimbledon Common: Parents Complain After Womble Removes Head Live On Webcast

Wouldn't have happened on Wimbledom Common: Parents complain after Womble removes head live on webcast Getty

The BBC has been flooded with complaints after a Womble removed the head of his costume during a webcast show on Radio 2, reports the Telegraph.

The rubbish-collecting children's favourites were appearing on Simon Mayo's Drivetime show, which was screened as a live webcast online.

Orinoco the Womble removed his head before the filming had stopped, prompting tears from children around the country, who were presented with the sad fact that the Wombles aren't real!

As the interview came to an end, Mike Batt, creator of the Wombles who was dressed as Orinoco, took off his Womble head before the filming had stopped.

The BBC has since removed the link showing the unfortunate head removal from its website, leaving just the interview and song performances.

Mike Batt quickly took to Twitter to apologise to fans, saying his costume was a bit too toasty:

"On no - they told us we were off air!!!!

"I told them (the BBC) that I needed a break after the songs (as it) was a high heat effort - they were supposed to give me a two minute break!"

A spokesman for the BBC admitted there was a bit of a head-related blunder during the show, saying:

"The Wombles played a festive set for Radio 2 which was filmed for live online streaming.

"The Wombles were aware they were being filmed, but he (Mike Batt) just took his head off. The group were fully aware that they were being filmed and had not been given the all clear that they were off air."

But it was too little too late for many parents and children, with Twitter and forums awash with grumpy Womble fans...

Did you and your children see the blunder?
How would you explain it to them?

You can enjoy the the dulcet tones of the Wombles getting into the festive spirit below....