16/12/2011 09:29 GMT | Updated 19/12/2011 12:47 GMT

Lego Sculpture Art Exhibition By Nathan Sawaya Shows In Sydney (PHOTOS)

There comes a time during every Christmas when you find yourself lying on a carpet strewn with Lego bricks 'playing' with the youngsters, secretly intent on building the finest structure man has ever seen.

Sadly the best most of us manage is a multi-coloured house with no roof or a tower that topples over as soon as it's finished.

Which makes the achievements of New York artist Nathan Sawaya all the more remarkable. This is a guy who can turns a pile of plastic bricks into a dinosaur, a musical note or, well, a man removing his own face. Might not be the best choice when children are around, that one.

Regardless, Sawaya's advanced Lego skills are the subject of a new exhibition at Sydney Town Hall, Australia called Art Of The Brick.

If flying to the other side of the world to look at Lego isn't high on your agenda at the moment then you can marvel at some of his more unusual creations in the gallery below.

Art Of The Brick Exhibition in Sydney, Australia

For an insight into how Sawaya does makes his Lego masterpieces, watch this video: