16/12/2011 12:26 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Little Mix Girls Keep It Casual For A Single Signing In South Shields

Little Mix (winners of The X Factor, in case you've been hiding under a rock this last week) are going to be spending the next few days trying to bag themselves the Christmas number one with promotional appearances, signings and so on - like this one in South Shields.

Little Mix girls keep it casual for a single signing in South Shields Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie pose with their single. Photo: PA

The ladies kept things casual as they returned to Perrie and Jade's home town thanks to four pairs of trainers, three pairs of jeans, one pair of army shorts, four T-shirts and a lot of bouncy curls as they signed copies of their debut single Cannonball.

SIDENOTE: We know that choosing Cannonball as the winner's song wasn't anything to do with Little Mix but as Christmas songs go, this is almost as miserable as the melodramatic reworking of Mad World from a few years back. Gary Jules has a LOT to answer for.

SECOND SIDENOTE: We miss the days when girl band members got styled as distinct personalities *coughSpiceGirlscough*. We keep trying to name them and get as far as "Braces Mix" for Jade and then running out of ideas.

Anyway, enough of that - what do you think of the ladies' casual look? Drop us a comment and inform us forthwith.

And for more X Factor style check out the gallery below: