19/12/2011 11:18 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Coronation Street Spoiler: Kate Ford Talks About Tracy Barlow's Twin Miscarriage

Tracy Ford and Steve Macdonald in Coronation Street PA

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford has said that miscarrying twins in her role as Tracy Barlow made her 'nervous'.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Kate - who has played Tracy for 10 years - said that as a mum herself, she can 'understand the pain' that Tracy must be going through, adding that the scenes made her nervous because 'it's an awful reality for so many people.'

Kate, who in real life is mum to three-year-old Otis said: "As a mother I can understand the pain that Tracy must be going through after losing her twins. And as an actress I was nervous about portraying it on screen as I realise it's an awful reality for so many people. No one should ever have to lose a baby and even if I wasn't a mother, I can understand how ­absolutely devastating it must be."

The Christmas episodes of the soap will show distraught Tracy terrified that her partner Steve will leave her as well.

"In the show Tracy's terrified that she's going to lose Steve as well. She thinks that now she's lost the babies he'll leave her and then she'll have lost everything she ever wanted," says Kate.

Kate revealed that her return to the soap last year has fitted in perfectly with her own family life, saying that some weeks she is only filming in Manchester for one day.

"We don't work nine to five every single day and sometimes I am only in ­Manchester one day a week so the rest of the time I am with Otis. I think I spend more time with Otis than a lot of working mums do, which I feel very grateful about. Otis is adorable, very loving and ­cuddly –he's dead bright and really fun."

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