19/12/2011 04:30 GMT | Updated 17/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Record-Breaking 3D Street Art Unveiled By Qi Xinghua

Visitors to Macao in China better watch their step after a record-breaking 120 meter-long 3D artwork was unveiled in the city.

The painting – called Macao's One Impression – was created by artist Qi Xinghua to mark the second anniversary of a local shopping centre.

Xinghau’s concept recreates all of the city’s historical and architectural landmarks in one optical illusion, giving tourists the chance to see all Macao has to offer in one long strip of pavement.

It was enough to warrant recognition by the Guinness World Record adjudicators who awarded Xinghau for creating the world’s “longest anamorphic art".

It’s not the artist’s first record though – he created the “largest anamorphic art" in 2010 with his piece Lions Gate Gorge.

The term ‘anamorphic art’ refers to the technique used by classical artists to create an illusion of height and depth, and was originally popularised by American artist Kurt Wenner who began street painting in Rome in 1982.