19/12/2011 15:08 GMT

Vernon Kay To Revive Bruce Forsyth's 'Play Your Cards Right'

Bruce Forsyth has given his blessing to Vernon Kay to take over as host of Play Your Cards Right.

The Family Fortunes host is filming a pilot revival of Brucie's classic game show Play Your Cards Right for ITV1.

Vernon told The Sun: "I spoke to Bruce when the idea came about and he was very kind. He is a great chap.

"He gave me his blessing. It felt like I was at the game show Vatican! He has handed the baton over to me."

But he revealed Bruce wanted to make sure his successor really did play his cards right on the new show.

Vernon added: "He gave me a couple of pointers about how to work the cards and the contestants. He was really forthcoming.

"It was his favourite game show out of all the ones he has done. It is a darn good format. I have played it several times and it is great fun."

He also revealed that he was not going to steal any of Brucie's famous catchphrases.

Vernon said: "We are going to acknowledge him at the top of the show. We pay homage to Bruce. But the only catchphrase we are going to use is 'You get nothing for a pair, not in this game' because that is the only catchphrase related to the gameplay.

"I spoke to Bruce when I first met him about catchphrases. He said all of his were just accidents. 'Nice to see you, to see you nice' came from when he walked into a pub and the guy went, 'It's nice to see you' and Bruce went, 'To see you nice.' And he thought, 'Hang on a minute, I like that'."