Jennifer Ellison's Ex Jailed For Gangland Attack

Jennifer's Ex Jailed

Jennifer Ellison's ex-boyfriend Tony Richardson has been jailed for a vicious attack on boxer Lee Siner.

Tony, who has previously been linked to footballer Steven Gerrard's wife Alex Curran and Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton, was caught on CCTV chasing Lee in what is thought to be part of a gangland feud.

Lee was in the Toxteth area of Liverpool when he was set upon by three masked men, who were armed with a samurai sword and baseball bat.

CCTV Footage showed Tony chasing and hurling a chair at the victim, before assaulting him with a car crook lock.

Former Brookside star Jennifer previously revealed that she was heavily beaten by Tony when they were engaged.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she said: "The attacks started pretty early on in our relationship. It began with mental rather than physical abuse. He'd criticise how I looked, accuse me of flirting with other men and question me all the time about who I'd been with and where I'd been.

"Then came the odd slap. We'd have stupid tiffs, but he didn't know when to stop.

"Once, about six years ago, he smashed me over the head with a beer bottle in front of all my friends. My face, eyes, hair and mini dress were covered in blood. I was told Tony ran out of the London club we were in, chased by bouncers.

"My friends and family thought I was crazy for taking him back after that. They used to tell me he was no good, but I never took any notice."

Tony has been sentenced to eight years in prison after admitting wounding.




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