20/12/2011 06:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Gives Birth Home Alone Two Weeks Early

Mum gives birth home alone two weeks early PA

A mum from Liverpool has told the BBC how she delivered her third baby unassisted at home after she went into early labour!

Clare Callaghan, 33, from Fazakerly, safely delivered little Pippa after her contractions started two weeks early. The new mum said she 'woke up and had a sharp pain' and knew things were kicking off!

Unable to get hold of any of her family or friends to help her, she phoned for an ambulance - and was talked through the birth by the controller.

Baby Pippa was arriving still in the sac and the ambulance controller told Clare to get a pin to free her from it.

With the ambulance controller telling her to open the sac, Clare somehow managed to make a tear in it so Pippa could get out - explaining she didn't know where she'd got the strength!

Baby Pippa arrived happy and healthy at 5lbs 4oz (2.4kg)!

You can hear the amazing recording of her call to the emergency services on the BBC.

Congratulations Clare and Pippa!