Christine Bleakley Reveals her Christmas Plans With Hubby-To-Be Frank Lampard

Christine Bleakley has revealed her Christmas plans for husband-to-be Frank Lampard and luckily for him they don't consist of very much.

The loved-up couple are to spend Christmas together in Ireland with Christine's mum Mina and Christine says that Frank isn't to lift a finger.

Christine told the Mirror: "My mum will not let Frank anywhere near the turkey. He'll be with his feet up in front of the telly, he'll certainly be enjoying eating it though."

The axed Daybreak presenter spoke fondly of her mum's cooking and is looking forward to returning home.

"She's a fantastic cook," she said. "I'll be having a very low-key, traditional family Christmas. Mum does all the cooking and as much as we try to help, she always ends up shooing us back out of the kitchen as my sister and I are utterly useless. So she takes over.

"We'll just be watching the telly and chilling out, eating Christmas dinner and generally relaxing."

Sounds like the perfect Christmas break to us Christine! Can we come round?