21/12/2011 14:21 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

I Can't Stop Getting Pregnant! Mother Conceives Six Times In Five Years Despite Using Every Contraceptive

Gemma Potter with her daughters Jessica and Sophie SWNS

A young mother has told how she has become pregnant six times in five years - each time when she was using contraception.

Gemma Potter, 23, has repeatedly conceived despite using condoms, the pill, the coil, progesterone injections and an implant.

She and her husband Glenn, 27, now have three children - Shaun, four, Jessica, three, and Sophie, two - and have suffered two failed pregnancies.

Gemma is now expecting their fourth child, despite only having had sex three times since September, somewhat ironically because they were terrified that Mrs Potter would fall pregnant again.

Gemma is indignant and thinks doctors are not taking her extraordinary fertility seriously and have failed to prescribe effective contraception.

Gemma, from Plymouth, Devon, said: "It has affected our sex life. I find it really hard to be intimate because I just keep thinking what if I get pregnant?

"You would think that being pregnant already would make it easier to have sex but I still feel worried. It is a shame really and that is why I am so desperate to try anything to help. I know it is hard on Glenn."

Gemma was on the pill when she met her husband-to-be in May 2006, but fell pregnant just three months later, giving birth to son Shaun the following March.

She went back on the pill in May 2007, but by August had fallen pregnant with her second child, Jessica, who was born in May 2008.

Four weeks after Jessica was born doctors advised Mrs Potter to try the coil, telling her it was the most effective form of contraception. She had it fitted, but was stunned to discover that by November 2008 she was pregnant again, although this time she miscarried at six weeks.


Thinking of other people that can't have children makes me feel awful. Some people can try for years and years and it's just not meant to be whereas I can't stop getting pregnant


Gemma then tried a contraceptive injection, which was administered every 12 weeks, but then had second daughter Sophie after marrying in 2009.

Finally, after having an implant fitted - thought to be 99 per cent effective - she fell pregnant again, but sadly miscarried at 11 weeks.

Finally Gemma returned to the pill - and is now 10 weeks pregnant.

She said: "I love my children but I don't want any more. Unfortunately, termination just isn't an option for us as it is not something I agree with.


I can't go out with my friends or have a drink because I am constantly pregnant. I have also completely missed out on having a job or any kind of career on my own.


"I battle with my weight and it can be a real struggle.

"I don't think either of us knew that over the next few years I would be almost constantly pregnant.

"If I keep having children and it gets to the stage that I can't afford them any more I would consider surrogacy.'

Gemma's husband Glenn, who works for Plymouth Community Housing, said: "It is always a shock when Gemma tells me she is pregnant but I am happy to look after her and support her."

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