21/12/2011 08:01 GMT

Kelly Rowland Invests In Career After Label Cutbacks

Singer Kelly Rowland has invested her own cash into her career after her record label slashed its budget.

The former Destiny's Child star has become a successful solo artist in recent years and she recently branched out into TV after accepting a role on the judging panel of The X Factor.

She is continuing to pursue her music career, but the singer has now revealed she is having to fund much of her activities herself.

Rowland admits she has seen a change in the way big companies handle their artists during the global recession and many are cutting back on the money spent on promoting them - so she is using her own money to boost her promotion potential.

She tells the Daily Star, "I'm investing in myself. There used to be a time when record labels would shoot so many different videos and have more of a budget but it is all stripped down now.

"But when you believe in something, you put money behind it."

Rowland is said to be currently working on her upcoming fourth studio album, with plans to release a new single in spring 2012.