21/12/2011 05:35 GMT | Updated 22/12/2011 05:35 GMT

Russian Travel Website Advert Shows 'Dmitry Medvedev' Groping Women, Wearing Bermuda Shorts (Video)

Here's a clever way of taking the mick out of your country's leader and advertising your website at the same time: greenscreening Dmitry Medvedev's head onto an actor's body while he gropes semi-naked women. Simples!

Carefully editing footage from one of the Russian President's many New Year's messages, his head appears to be singing Russia's praises, but his body is doing something entirely different.

Already racking up over one million hits on YouTube, the advert for travel agent website "" also shows Medvedev standing in front of a pair of monkeys having sex while saying, "I wish us all well."

When he's giving a blonde girl in a bikini a squeeze, the psuedo-Medvedev brings up Russia's "rich history"; when he's having his photograph taken by a pair of surfers, he throws out a Hawaiian Shaka.

And just wait until you see his penguin impersonation. Trust us, it's priceless.

But this isn't the first time the Russian people have taken to YouTube to show up their leaders - just take a look at this racy video created by customs officials. Just another day's work, really...