African Bullfrog Proves That Not All Animals Like Playing The 'Ant Crusher' Phone Game (Video)

WATCH: African Bullfrog Plays 'Ant Crusher' Phone Game, Does Not Like It

On 7 December, YouTube user "ThatSpecialGuy" uploaded a video called "Bearded Dragon playing Ant Crusher".

15 days later and it's a undeniable YouTube smash, with nearly four million views currently on the clock - and now, a number of follow-up videos that imitate ThatSpecialGuy's lizard-based success.

The best of the wannabes is undoubtedly "African Bull Frog ant crusher" by fellow YouTuber "KoreanFrogMania", which shows - you guessed it - an African bullfrog playing the very same game.

But whereas the bearded dragon seems to relish playing along, the bullfrog here doesn't take so kindly to being pranked by a fool and his phone.

Cue one nasty nip from the two kilogram frog and an understandable yeowch of pain from his owner. That'll teach you kids to muck about with animals and mobile phone games... maybe.


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