Battle Of The Cut-Out Dresses: Nicole Scherzinger Vs Paula Abdul

Battle Of The Cut-Out Dresses: Nicole Scherzinger Vs Paula Abdul

You might not have been aware (we'll freely admit, we weren't) but it's the big X Factor USA final tonight, which naturally called for rival judges Paula Abdul to up their efforts in the style stakes.

This picture just landed on our desk of the two (during the first part of the final which aired last night), and which clearly demonstrates the lengths that the girls are going to in order to outdo the other in their twice-weekly fashion battle.

Observe: the dual attempt at cut-out peek-a-boo (or in Nicole's case, peek-a-boob) frocks. Paula's, a shoulder-baring black number, Nicole's, a cleavage-boosting high-neck wonder.

Fashion face-off: Nicole and Paula strike their well practiced pose for the cameras. Photo:Getty

But see? They like each other so much that they're posing with their heads practically touching. No bad feelings here.

(Like hell there isn't. You can practically hear Nicole's smug celebratory thoughts. She knows full well that nobody will be looking at Paula in this picture. We took one glance at it and thought "BOOOOOOOOOBS.")

We can't wait to get our hands on a full-length shot. There's definitely something feathery going on around Nicole's midriff.

Who gets your vote: Nicole, or Paula? Vote below!

Feast your eyes on more pictures of Nicole Scherzinger here:

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