Bronze Statue Of Steve Jobs Unveiled In Hungary, Doesn't Look Much Like Steve Jobs (Pictures) (Video)

PICTURES: Bronze Statue Of Steve Jobs Unveiled In Hungary

If there's a man who deserves a bronze statue to be made in his honour so soon after his death, it's probably Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Worshipped as a demi-god by his legions of fans - well, close enough - he's the man behind Pixar, the iPad, the iPhone, the iMac... the list goes on and on.

He's also, indirectly at least, behind the biggest architecture software company in the world, Graphisoft, based in Hungary.

And it's there the world's first bronze statue to the tech hero has been erected, with Graphisoft founder Gabor Bojar commissioning it as a posthumous thank you for the help he gave the company when it was still stuck behind the iron curtain.

1984's CeBIT technology fair in Germany is where Bojar and Jobs first met, with their friendship eventually resulting in money, computers and advice being sent Bojar's way - helping the fledging company grow into the leader of its field in under 30 years.

Just so you know, Erno Toth is the name of the sculptor that created the life-size interpretation of the much-loved tech guru, so if you're wondering why bronze Steve Jobs' chin looks so weird... you probably best ask him.

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