Buzz Lightyear Wellies Save Two-Year-Old From Foot Amputation!

Buzz Lightyear Wellies Save Two-Year-Old From Foot Amputation!


Mum Marie Scammell, 22, has branded Buzz Lightyear a hero after her two-year-old son Lewis was saved by his Toy Story WELLIES when he was hit by a car.

Little Lewis would have almost certainly had his foot amputated had it not been for the thick lining in his £9 boots.

And now, the little boy is refusing to be parted from them - even going to BED with them on!

Marie told the Daily Mail that Lewis ran into the path of a Renault Clio in a car park in Hull last Sunday, fracturing his left leg just above the ankle.

She said: "The doctor who treated him said that if he didn't have his wellies on he could have lost the bottom half of his leg or at best ended up with pins in his foot. I'm so thankful that he never takes them off now. My mum is always saying to me: 'Why does he always wear his wellies?' But it's just what he likes to wear. He wears them every day now and even wears them to bed - we have to bribe him to try and get them off his feet."

Marie said Lewis had pulled away from her brother who was getting him out of the car as she went off to get a trolley. She said she heard a 'big screech and skidding' as Lewis and the car made contact, but despite being in tears, claimed Lewis 'didn't look like he had anything wrong with him.'

Doctors found the little boy was suffering from an open fracture and put his leg in a cast.

Miss Scammell said that usually Lewis is not allowed out of his pram unless he is on reins, and was supposed to have gone straight into the trolley from the car but 'did a runner' after breaking free from his uncle.

Humberside Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident - Miss Scammell clams the driver of the Clio wound down his window, but then drove off without speaking to the family.