Bless You, Bless You, Bless You! Sneezing Dogs Video Compilation Is Adorable, Sneeze-Inducing (Video)

WATCH: Adorable Sneezing Dogs Video Compilation

A sneezing dogs video compilation? On YouTube? For us? Oh yummyummyshelle, you really are spoiling us this morning.

Over the internet's long and varied life, videos of animals sneezing have always delighted and enthralled viewers, with pretty much everyone in the known universe watching that one of a baby panda dropping a mother-scaring sneeze bomb.

So to compliment yummyummyshelle's sterling work editing together 59 seconds of sneezing canine gold, below we've got a little video gallery of other animals having a good old sneeze.

Will it include the infamous sneezing panda? Of course it will - how could it not? We're not animals...


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