23/12/2011 16:28 GMT

Dame Helen Mirren Announces She Wishes To Play The First Female Doctor Who

Doctor Who has, ever since its triumphant revamp under the aegis of Russell T Davies and latterly his protege Steven Moffat, been the subject of debate, intrigue and speculation surrounding the identity of the Doctor with each incarnation, who the best ever time-traveller has been and who should stand alongside him as his trusty companion.

Now, a voice has added itself to the mix - the distinctive tones of Dame Helen Mirren, with a strong opinion of her own on the subject.

It seems the Oscar-winning A-lister wants to be in the show herself - presumably following in the footsteps of Kylie Minogue, Billy Piper and the doomed Amy Pond as the woman sent to both distract and aid the Doctor in his mission to protect the world?

But hold on, the Daily Star reports that Dame Helen has a bigger job in mind, telling the newspaper, "I would like to play the new female Doctor Who.I don't just want to be his sidekick."

No word of a lie - you can read the article for yourself here