23/12/2011 05:35 GMT | Updated 23/12/2011 12:12 GMT

Harry Styles: 'I'm Single'. Um, What About Caroline Flack?

One Direction star Harry Styles has put a stop to ongoing rumours that he is dating Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack after confirming he is single during a radio interview.

32-year-old Caroline has been slated amidst rumours she is dating 17-year-old Harry and has even received death threats from One Direction fans.

But, to the relief of One Direction followers across the country, Harry has confirmed that talk of him dating TV presenter Caroline is false and that he is in fact single.

During a interview with Real Radio’s Evening Show Presenter David Heane, David asked: "Well, I obviously have to ask about love lives and things that are going on so can we go around the group?"

The boys replied: "I’m single, I’m Niall. I’m Louis and I’m not single. I’m Liam and I’m not single. I’m Zayn and I’m single."

When it was Harry's turn to answer he stumbled, saying: "I’m Harry, hello…… Hi……. Hi... ...I’m single."

Harry fans can breathe a sigh of relief! They're back in with a chance!

The interview is due to air across the Real Radio Network in early 2012.