23/12/2011 10:25 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Jonah Hill's Shocking Style Transformation On Jay Leno

Just a couple of years ago, Jonah Hill was as disheveled n real life as the characters he played in Superbad and Knocked Up - but as his appearence on last night's Tonight Show With Jay Leno proves, this man has undergone a style transformation of insane proportions.

jonah-hill-style-transformation Spot the difference... Photos: Getty

True, he's shed a bit of spare baggage but what really impresses us is his sudden slick styling. A development, we believe, that must be in part due to his close promixity to Brad Pitt during the filming of Moneyball. We love the slim-cut suit and slick parted hair - oh so Don Draper.

Mr Hill, we approve.

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