Last Christmas: Wham! Classic Spoofed By Tooting Comedians (VIDEO)

Here's some festive frivolity for you: Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' reworked, reimagined and reset... in Tooting.

The spoof song and video is the work of comedy duo Colin and Rob, the hosts of a monthly comedy night in Tooting called Comedy Trumpet. And their south London version, naturally, centres around crappy market stalls, Greggs and pubs - rather than the original's Vaseline-lensed roaring fires, snowball fights and bouffant hair.

"We'd like to say that we decided to write a Christmas song to bring good cheer to the Tooting masses," says Rob. "But really it was just that Colin realised the 'You gave it away' rhymed with 'Tooting Broadway', so that was how it started."

The pair spent the day filming the video with comedian Paul F Taylor behind the camera - and took in some of Tooting's most notable landmarks, including the massive Primark, Poundland and of course, the alleyway where A Bar2Far customers go to have a fight.

The result? The very charming, very English work of festive beauty below: