23/12/2011 09:41 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Who's Been Stealing Gaga's Style?

Earlier this week we observed that Lady Gaga has found herself in a bit of a style rut. Much like Jennifer Aniston's penchant for an LBD, Gaga is finding it tricky to stray from her KBH combo (knickers, bra and heels). But now it looks like another sleb is inspired by her 'classic' tights 'n' knickers look.

katie-price Photo: Big Pictures

Yep, ladies and gentleman it's none other than Katie Price, who was out for a festive sherry or two at the Mayfair Hotel last night. Side by side we're amazed at how similar Gaga and Katie's style is. We just hope that Lady G return the favour and starts sporting the odd pink velour tracksuit.

Photos: Big Pictures/Getty

See just how committed Lady Gaga is to the KBH cause by clicking on the gallery below: