Hot Or Not: Elle Fanning Does Shabby Chic

Hot Or Not: Elle Fanning Does Shabby Chic

Look, we might as well level with you right now - the outcome of this story is going to be [SPOILER ALERT] that we think Elle looks lovely. [/SPOILER]

Photo: Rex

You can carry on and respond with a comment if you fancy disagreeing but you would be wrong. Also you would be being mean to an adorable 13-year-old who happens to be wearing the two-tone Cambridge satchel we have been lusting after for a little while.

SIDENOTE: Don't you think she looks a lot like Kirsten Dunst in this picture?

SECOND SIDENOTE: Apparently if you want your Cambridge satchel embossed it costs £5 per letter but full stops are free. Do you think we could request they emboss our names on a bag using only full stops?

For more celebrity fans of all things yellow, check out the gallery below:


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