Angelina Jolie Works On Secret Project, Inspired By Her Late Mother

Angelina's Secret Project

Actress-turned-director Angelina Jolie has been working on a story inspired by her late mother but insists she will "never show" the project to anybody.

The Tomb Raider star stepped behind the camera to make her directorial debut with In The Land Of Blood And Honey, a film she penned herself about a romance between a Serbian soldier and a Bosnian woman.

Now Jolie reveals she has also written a tale about her beloved mum Marcheline Bertrand, who died in 2007, but refuses to make it public.

She says, "I've also written a story about my mother after she passed. They are things I will never show anybody but it is nice to spend time with people and characters in this private world."

The Hollywood star recently admitted she has also put pen to paper for a script about Afghanistan, but maintained she lacks the "confidence" to put it into production.


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