Coldplay's Chris Martin Admits To Recurring Musical Nightmare: David Letterman And Being Out Of Tune

Chris Martin's Recurring Musical Nightmare

British rocker Chris Martin has been having trouble sleeping, so he has turned to a therapist to help him get a good night's rest.

The Coldplay frontman struggles to fall asleep and reveals he has hired a specialist to help him drift off.

When asked if it is true he sees a therapist whenever he releases an album, he explains, "No, a bit more than that. I have a lot of trouble sleeping. It's to do with that and what to take and not to take."

However, Martin's sleep is far from restful when he does manage to drift off because he is plagued by "surreal" nightmares.

He adds, "I have many more nightmares than dreams - probably nine to one. Real life is much better...

"I'll give you a classic dream I had. We were playing on the U.S. chat show Letterman and I was in a different key to everyone else. David Letterman came on and said, 'Can you stop? This is not very good. Can you do the other song?' And then we start doing the other one and my shoe falls off.

"It goes a bit surreal after that but it always starts with playing a concert and there's some insurmountable problem."

How long before the jokes start with this story - a sitting duck for all the Coldplay critics, surely?


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