Die Hard Walkie Talkie Skit 'Die Hard, Interrupted' Will Definitely Make You 'Ho Ho Ho' (Video)

WATCH: Die Hard Walkie Talkie Skit

Die Hard isn't just the best Christmas action movie ever - it's also the best action movie ever, full stop.

The quotes, the goons, the, um, walkie talkie conversations... it's all fantastic stuff.

But now that we think about it, there really is a lot of walkie talkie dialogue going on in everyone's favourite John McClane outing - from Hans to John to Al to Little and Big Johnson (no relation), they're all at it.

So to poke fun at just that - and make you laugh generally - here is a brilliant video spoof of Die Hard from RigorTortoiseComedy called "Die Hard, Interrupted".

Trust us, you won't regret watching it. And forwarding it to all your Die Hard-loving friends. Then watching Die Hard. Again.


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