Jeremy Clarkson Accused Of Racism For Remarks During 'Top Gear Special' In India

Clarkson Trots Into New Racism Row

Television presenter Jeremy Clarkson has become embroiled in fresh controversy after being accused of mocking Indian people and their culture.

The star has now been filmed whipping off his trousers and making crude jokes about India and the country's food, clothes and toilet habits.

Clarkson, who was filming a Top Gear special, proceeded to place his trousers in a trouser press before claiming he also used it to heat naan bread.

Later in the show, he drove around in a Jaguar* fitted with a toilet whilst saying: "This is perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots."

Viewers have since complained, calling Clarkson a "Nazi" and have accused the show of endorsing "casual racism".

Has Clarkson gone too far this time, or are we becoming hyper-sensitive to his humour? Have your say...

10:26am: *This article originally said 'drove around the slums in an expensive Jaguar'. While car prices are all relative, on reviewing the programme, the car was not that pricey for a Jaguar, hence the removal of 'expensive'. We also removed the word 'slums'.


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