Bangkok Baristas Reveal Their Amazing Tea-Making Tricks (Video)

Everyone loves a good cup of tea. In fact, it's hard to imagine something more pleasurable than a good cup of tea, well-made, served just when you need it.

But though every man and his dog - okay, probably not his dog - can make a bog-standard builder's brew, it takes a helluva lot of skill to take tea-making to the next level.

Enter... these astonishingly talented tea baristas from Bangkok, Thailand, whose jaw-dropping skills making iced tea were uploaded online by YouTuber "Fraction 227" recently.

Spinning around like a graceful ballet dancer, the unnamed tea maker slings his drink about in the air like he's controlling it with his mind. You know, in a way.

But he's not the only extremely talented man in the service industry - as this video gallery below proves...