04/01/2012 06:07 GMT | Updated 04/01/2012 10:23 GMT

I Love Lamp! US News Presenter Pranked By 'Anchorman' Joke

Here in the UK, we are wont to think of American TV news presenters as not exactly the sharpest tools in the drawer and more as, well, just... tools. See the anchorwoman who didn't know how to pronounce 'Seamus', for example - a misdemeanour only worsened by her then coming out with the word 'semen'.

It's partly why we love the film Anchorman even more than Americans do (possibly).

So imagine our delight when our snobbery towards American news presenters and our love of Anchorman were combined in this doozy yesterday.

Brian Niznansky, the meteorologist on local NBC channel WGBA, fell victim to a newsroom prank after someone slipped the line "I love lamp" into his teleprompter notes.

A line which, as all good comedy fans will know, comes from Anchorman - although it in fact belongs to Steve Carell, and not to Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy.

And as Ferrell then says to Carell in the movie: "Do you really love the lamp? Or are you just saying that because you saw it?". Which surely means that whoever snuck the line into Niznansky's teleprompt is rather implying that he does indeed just say things because he sees them.

Ah, bless. Have a laugh at the prank's success above - and rewatch the original scene from Anchorman below.