Darth Vader Burger To Join Darth Maul And Yoda At Belgian Fast Food Chain Quick (Pictures)

LOOK: Darth Vader Burger Unveiled

Just when you thought there weren't any more Star Warstie-ins to be made, George Lucas and co. have come up with this: the Darth Vader burger.

A black bun with two beef patties and some cheese in between, it's just what young Anakin Skywalker would have loved to gobble down after a good day's pod racing. We're guessing.

Belgian fast food chain Quick are the guys behind the dyed blacker-than-black bun, offering up customers the option to eat a Darth Maul version and Jedi / Yoda edition too.

Our one problem with the burgers? They need more Force.

Ahem. Sorry.

While many fans are finding Quick's lack of taste disturbing, it's definitely getting people talking about the 3D re-issue of The Phantom Menace - set to hit British shores next month - even though Darth Vader doesn't actually appear in it. Hmm.


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