Everton Goalkeeper Tim Howard Scores 100 Yard Wonder Goal From Inside His Own Penalty Box (Video)

WATCH: Goalie Scores 100 Yard Wonder Goal

So often you hear about goalkeepers messing things up, letting balls roll between their legs and generally making fools of themselves.

Today... not so much.

Petr Čech-style scrum hats off then to Everton goalie Tim Howard, whose stunning strike from inside his own penalty box flew over both teams and into Bolton's net last night.

You can't even blame Bolton keeper Adam Bogdan for conceding it - we don't even think Howard saw this one coming.

A perfect example of grace, magnificence and sheer unadulterated fluke, Howard's goal was a triumph, and deserves to live long in the memory of pundits and sports fans everywhere. After all, this is only the fourth goal to ever be scored by a goalkeeper in the Premier League.

Unfortunately, the final score was 2-1 to Bolton, rendering the USA keeper's amazing moment redundant - and meaning that though he can score goals, he can also let them through his end too. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.


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