06/01/2012 07:31 GMT

Gary Busey's Bonkers Adverts For Kia Car Dealership Go Viral (Video)

Gary Busey, it's safe to say, is a bit of a "character". Whether it's dealing with flesh-eating killer fish in Piranha 3DD or dressing up as a woman for no reason in Under Siege, it's not afraid of looking a little silly.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that he's appeared in a series of bonkers commercials for a Kia car dealership, featuring A-grade Busey blow-outs and a giant, dancing hamster.

All performed in front of a green screen, it's low budget gibberish - but it's highly amusing, low budget gibberish, and that's what counts. In fact, it almost makes us want to buy a Kia. Almost.

With special ads for Labor Day, Halloween, Veterans' Day and many more, it's allowed us here at Huffington Post UK's comedy channel to compile one of the weirdest video galleries we've ever created - and that includes when Pingu appeared in a claymation remake of The Thing...