09/01/2012 10:48 GMT | Updated 10/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Andrew Baines Art Installation In Surprises Australian Beach-Goers

Is there a less inspiring moment in the average day than when you're stood at the bus stop, bleary-eyed and weary, waiting to jostle onboard and contemplate the daily drudgery that awaits you?

For most of us, probably not. But surrealist artist Andrew Baines - along with 100 volunteers - have decided to view the morning commute a little different with his latest installation Waiting For The Bus.

Gathering his army of bowler hat-wearing, classic 'Englishmen' along Henley Beach in Adelaide, Australia, Baines gave onlookers an amusing surprise as they watched his figures struggle stoically with the newspapers in a perfect line along the sands.

Speaking to ABC News, Baines explained being inspired by a trip to London when he was a child and memories of using the Underground.

"When I went down there I was greeted by a sea of bowler hat business men, like clones," he said.

"I thought it was a set up, some sort of stage thing but my Dad said 'this is a corporate battery hen heading off to work nine to five every day and they'll do this until they turn 60 and then they'll probably get a gold watch and drop dead'."

"Getting an early morning office queue, taking them off the street and plopping them in the water, and it's basically releasing corporates from their long staff hours, grey city streets to enjoy nature, and nature in this case being Henley Beach."

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