09/01/2012 09:19 GMT | Updated 09/01/2012 09:27 GMT

'When Paddy Met Sally': Sally Bercow Talks Friendship With Paddy Doherty

Sally Bercow and Irish traveller Paddy Doherty formed an unlikely friendship after meeting in the Celebrity Big Brother house in August last year but Sally has spoken of her fondness for spending time with best bud Paddy.

Despite their different backgrounds the odd couple get on like a house on fire and often speak on the phone and Sally has gushed about her friendship ahead of reality show When Paddy Met Sally, due to air tonight on Channel 5.

According to the Daily Star, Sally, 42, said: "I went to a ridiculously posh private school, then on to Oxford University and I've ended up married to the Speaker of the House of Commons, living in a royal palace.

"It's all pretty surreal. But despite our different backgrounds, Paddy and I immediately got on."

Paddy, 52, agreed: "We just clicked when we met on Big Brother. Honest to God, we just got on straight away.

"Then I heard her speak and I thought: 'Oh, she's lovely!' I just loved her accent. I thought she was really posh."

How sweet!

Paddy added: "At first I thought she was mad. And then I just fell for her, she won me. She came and spoke to me and I thought she was lovely in the way a really posh lady had time for a traveller."

Sally continued: "As soon as we started chatting we just got on really well. I thought he wouldn't engage or talk about something controversial but he was just brilliant. I immediately got his sense of humour, we got on straight away."

Paddy and Sally shack up together in Channel 5's When Paddy Met Sally and spend two weeks together in a bid to learn more about one another's lives.

And Paddy wasted no time in getting Sally on her hands and knees.

He said: "I got her doing all the cleaning and stuff. And she did a good job, she was OK."

Sally said: "I was cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the mirrors, hoovering, mopping. I made him sandwiches and made him cups of tea because he was incapable of making them."

Paddy must have been extremely impressed with Sally's skills as a housewife as it doesn't look like he'll ditch her anytime in the near future.

He said: "We'll be friends till God takes us off this earth."

When Paddy Met Sally airs on Channel 5 tonight at 10pm.