09/01/2012 04:55 GMT | Updated 09/03/2012 05:12 GMT

TOWIE's Lydia Bright And James Argent In Nightclub Bust Up

TOWIE star Lydia Bright got herself in hot water with boyfriend James Argent this weekend after she was seen cosying up to another man in a club.

Lydia and James have had a rocky love life in the past - the couple took a break from their relationship last summer when James accused Lydia of being too jealous, but the tables seem to have turned after Lyd cheated on Arg.

The couple were out on the lash in Nu Bar, Essex at the weekend when fellow revellers spotted the pair shouting at each other.

Speaking to the Daily Star, a source said: "It was mayhem. Arg and Lydia were screaming at each other."

They have since tried to play the shouting match down after claiming that Lydia cut her foot on some broken glass in the club.

"It wasn't really a row, I was just telling her I was worried about her being cut," said James.

"That is what we were arguing about, just getting her plastered up."

Lydia tweeted: "Omg guys I'm so sad I fell over and cut my leg open been in so much pain. :( Sorry I have abandoned Twitter."

However, onlookers claimed the pair were really arguing over Lydia's flirtatious behaviour with a strange man.

Poor Arg!

The porcelain beauty was spotted hugging a hunk in the club and when James questioned her behaviour she told him to "f**k off".


A spokesman for Lydia said: "She tripped up inside Nu Bar and landed on some broken glass. Lydia wasn't kissing anyone.

"The man is a mutual friend of her and James from school.

"James wanted Lydia to go to the office in the club and see to her leg with the first aid box and she got in a taxi to go home. She was just telling him that she was going home."

Despite playing the row down and denying Lydia's naughty behaviour, the pair travelled home in separate taxis. Lydia must have been really angry with James' kind concern over her injury! Hmm....

An onlooker said: "They left in separate taxis.

"Lydia hooked up with a guy near the DJ box. She was getting really cosy with the guy, with his hands all over her."