09/01/2012 13:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Which Fashion Faux Pas Has Carey Mulligan Committed?

Carey Mulligan wore an adorable business casual ensemble to take part in the New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend but we couldn't help noticing a little fashion faux pas...

Which fashion faux pas has Carey Mulligan committed? Photo: Wenn

Did you spot it?

The critically-acclaimed actress had left the price tags on her Salvatore Ferragamo ballet flats.

Oh, we know it's a teeny tiny thing but it's one of those irritating fashion faux pas that really get our dander up - like a label sticking out of someone's jumper or a piece of hair that keeps falling in someone's eyes.

We can pretty much guarantee that if we'd been sat in the front row for Carey's talk there would have been an awkward moment when we nipped on stage, ripped the stickers off and scuttled back to our seats.

Or possibly a slightly longer and even more awkward moment when we did that and then realised the sticker hadn't come off cleanly so spent the rest of the time rooting round in our handbag for some blu-tack to rub the rest off.

Which fashion faux pas has Carey Mulligan committed? Photo: Wenn

Oh, FYI the jacket is from The Row, the shirt is L'Agence and the jeans are Isabel Marant.

Are shoe stickers one of your pet hates too? Let us know in the comments!