10/01/2012 07:40 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Entrepreneur Schoolboy Paid £5 For Every 30 Minutes As A 'Personal Online Bodyguard'

Playing Xbox PA

Showing an entrepreneurial spirit beyond his 15 years, schoolboy Toby Smith is cashing in on his online gaming prowess by acting as a virtual bodyguard for gamers!

Toby, from Hythe in Hampshire, is offering his services on the website (where people advertise tasks they are willing to undertake for a fiver) as an online protector for players of various Xbox 360 shooting games.

The teenager offers 'protection' at £5 for 30 minutes of play.

His profile on the website says he will "take bullets for you for half an hour," as your "personal online bodyguard."

Toby hit upon the idea after coming across the website by chance a few months ago. He now has four paying clients, and interest in his services from America and western Europe.

He told the Southern Daily Echo he is "not a millionaire by any means" but he says he's had a lot of interest from people saying it is a 'good idea'.

"I guess to make any real big money out of it I would need to expand it and maybe pay people to play at different times and on different consoles, rather than just having one boy sat in his room on an Xbox between the hours of 4pm and 7pm," he told the paper.

His mum and dad Peter and Sam, both 47, say they are impressed with their son's 'can do' spirit - and pleased to see him making some money.

"Toby's got a real independent and determined personality and it's great that this is all him and all his own idea," Sam said. "If anyone in this house is going to make a million pounds, it will be him."

What do you reckon? The start of big things? Or do you not quite get the concept? (We're struggling!)