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Is Peppa Pig Is A Bad Influence On Young Children?

Is Peppa Pig is a bad influence on young children? PA

She's the pig with a TV show, books, clothing range and even a theme park to her name, and now, Peppa Pig is also the porky with too much attitude who is a bad influence on our children. Word on the streets outside nurseries is, Peppa Pig has gone bad!

The Daily Mail reports that parents are getting fed up with their kids copying Peppa's more challenging traits, such as answering back, demanding chocolate cake and jumping in muddy puddles (which is Peppa's favourite thing to do).

Even Peppa's younger brother George has come under fire as his refusal to eat vegetables is being copied by youngsters, who, like him respond with 'yuck' when offered them.

Psychologist Dr Aric Sigman told the paper that parents are naive if they think their children would not be affected by what they saw on TV. He said: "The problem is you can't distinguish to children what is real and pretend. You can't just say to the child the pig was only pretending it was naughty."

You can read one parent's view here.

Well! Naughty Peppa! What do you think?

Is this pig's behaviour beyond the pale? Have you noticed your kids copying her or George?
Or does it really not matter what pre school programme your child watches as long as parental influence is stronger?

Peppa Pig's 'Bad Behaviour' Provokes Criticism