11/01/2012 17:21 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

100% Welsh Lamb: Mum's Anger As Tattooist Who Inked Her Underage Daughter Is Not Charged

Mum's anger as tattooist who inked 100 Welsh lamb' tattooed on her bum</a>, her mum, Renee was understandably mad.<br/><br/>Almost a year later, Renee is still fuming as the tattooist who inked the under-18 has escaped prosecution, reports the <a href=South Wales Echo.

Renee reported Graham Durham, who owns Doc Graham's Tattoo Land in Cardiff after he tattooed Levi with the stamp '100 Welsh lamb on her 16-year-old daughter's bum isn't charged" src="" />Wales News Service

It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, but police have had said that despite Renee's pleads, they will not be taking further action because Tattoo Land displayed a sign saying no under-18s.

"A file was presented to the Crown Prosecution Service who decided that no further action should be taken," said a South Wales Police spokesperson.

Renee said the police were "tied by what they can do", adding that she was just going to let Levi's tattoo fade over time as they don't have £1,000 for laser removal treatment:

"It's up to the Government to sort out what happens with children. She's a child and doesn't have any money. She's kept the tattoo but it will go eventually."

At the time, tattooist Graham said: "She said '18' and her friend came out with a date of birth. The sign is out there: Must be 18. I'm the victim here and I'm furious with it. God knows why she wanted that particular design. She said she wanted '100VIRTUAL-Gallery-140942%