Pictures of the Day 11 January: Star Wars Lego, Buddha Statues And Baby Green Pythons

Pictures Of The Day: Star Wars Lego, Buddha And Baby Pythons

Londoners better swot up on their Jedi skills - Stormtroopers have invaded the capital, albeit very small ones; London's Tower Bridge in Miniland at Legoland Windsor saw mini soldiers of the dark side march their way to victory to mark the opening in March of a new Star Wars Miniland at the Windsor Resort.

We may not be having a frosty winter in the UK, but South Korea have snow aplenty - not good news for South Korean special warfare command soldiers, as they participate in winter military training exercise in Pyeongchang-gun.

Buddha statues pose with a variety of expressions at Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Temple in Bintan Island, Indonesia, and reptile keeper Casey Burridge poses with a Green Python hatchling on her face - all in the pictures of the day below:

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