12/01/2012 10:08 GMT | Updated 12/01/2012 10:42 GMT

Semi-Naked French Shoppers Storm Lyon Desigual Store To Get Free Clothes (Video/Pictures)

What would you do for a bargain? Queue up in the cold, in the rain, in the snow? Queue up in the cold... in just your pants? These French shoppers would - and did, just this week.

Enticed by the offer of free clothes, 250 semi-naked bargain-hunters patiently waited to be let into Lyon's branch of Spanish clothing chain Desigual - with the first 100 getting two free articles of clothing and discounts off others.

A waste of money for the company behind it, you might think - but just think of the publicity value. You literally couldn't pay for this much attention in the press, not in a million years.

Who we feel bad for are the 150 who went to the effort of turning up in practically nothing for the stunt... and walked away with no new clothes to wear. At all. You've got to have a long, hard look at yourself after that, now don't you?

Still: semi-naked people! Bras! Pants! Free clothes! Happy days.